Allow us to introduce ourselves – a group of passionate Portuguese coffee aficionados, eager to share the fascinating story behind our name, BICA, and our origins with you.

When the first espresso machines made their debut in Portugal, locals visiting cafes were unaccustomed to the bold, bitter flavors of this new beverage. It was at the legendary A Brasileira do Chiado, nestled in the heart of Lisbon, that the term "bica" was coined.

Among the various interpretations, the most widely accepted is that BICA is an acronym for "Beba Isto Com Açúcar" (Drink This With Sugar). This clever marketing campaign aimed to make the unfamiliar taste of espresso more palatable to customers by encouraging them to add sugar, eventually cultivating a habit and establishing a ritual.

When you order a Bica, you'll receive a small yet potent serving. The compact size ensures a concentrated and creamy espresso experience.

In Portugal, the act of sipping a Bica transcends beyond a simple espresso; it is an essential part of the country's rich cultural tapestry.

This cherished tradition and ritual are deeply woven into the fabric of Portuguese society, where friends, family, and even strangers come together over a Bica to engage in lively conversations, share stories, or simply pause for a moment of reflection.

The powerful aroma and intense flavor of a Bica encapsulate Portugal's love for both coffee and camaraderie, and it is in these brief yet meaningful moments spent around a tiny cup of espresso that the true essence of Portuguese conviviality is captured.

It was one of those moments that originated BICA.

United by our love for coffee, our team embarked on a journey to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, delivering the most authentic coffee flavors to discerning enthusiasts.

Hope you come to love it as much as we do.

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