The Bernoulli

Pre-Order grants you a 10% Discount on one of the First 150 units produced, to be shipped in April 2024. Fully Refundable otherwise. Check our Timeline below.

Introducing "The Bernoulli" siphon brewer: a fusion of timeless elegance and modern innovation. Designed for the discerning brew lover, it promises unparalleled style, convenience, and a superior brewing experience.

Key Features:

  • Retromod Design: A perfect blend of vintage aesthetics with modern touches, crafted to be a centerpiece in any setting.
  • Premium Materials: Built with noble wood, food-safe stainless steel and hand-blow & medicine-grade glassware, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Whether it's coffee, tea, or any other brew, "The Bernoulli" has got you covered.
  • Convenience Reimagined:
  1. Easy Pour with a removable handle designed for comfort and precision.
  2. Self-Ignitable Burner for a hassle-free start.
  3. Effortless Cleaning: Dishwasher safe components and a larger filter for easy removal of grounds
  4. Quick Assembly: Thoughtfully designed for quick setup and disassembly with a clamp and springless filter.

Join the brewing revolution and experience a symphony of taste, style, and convenience with "The Bernoulli". Perfect for those intimate gatherings or moments of solitude when only the best brew will do.



From an idea in January 2023 to the reality you see today, our journey has been filled with dedication and love to redefine the art of brewing.

With transparency and commitment, we've crafted this timeline to bring you the first Bernoullis as early as April 2024.

Join us in making history – Pre-Order your Bernoulli and be part of the brewing revolution. Don't forget your Pre-Order is fully refundable in case of delays.

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Why Siphon Coffee Tastes Better

Even Extraction

The siphon brewing method allows for an even and complete extraction of coffee flavors. The coffee grounds are fully immersed in water, ensuring that every particle is evenly saturated. This results in a balanced and complex cup of coffee.

Precise Temperature Control

Siphon coffee makers typically use a consistent heat source, allowing for precise control over the brewing temperature. This precision ensures that the coffee is brewed at the ideal temperature to extract the best flavors without over-extraction or burning the grounds.

Clean and Clear Brew

The vacuum brewing process produces a clean cup of coffee with a clear taste profile. The filter is typically finer than in other methods, which prevents coffee grounds from ending up in the cup and allows the coffee's natural flavors to shine through.

Aromatic Experience

This process is known for its ability to enhance the aromatic qualities of coffee. As the coffee brews, the aromas are trapped and concentrated within the brewer, leading to a more intense and enjoyable sensory experience when you finally take a sip.

How To Use The Bernoulli

With Bernoulli, the unique flavor and elegance of siphon coffee is made simple: Assembling, brewing, and cleaning have all been streamlined into an intuitive experience.

For those who see brewing as an art and a science, 'The Bernoulli' combines the elegance of the past with the conveniences of the present.

Retromod design
Exclusive Materials
Versatility at its Best
Convenience Reimagined

Retromod Design

A harmonious fusion of classic aesthetics and modern design, making "The Bernoulli" a captivating centerpiece in any home setting.

Exclusive Materials

Crafted with noble wood, food-safe stainless steel, and high-grade hand-blown glassware, ensuring both luxury and longevity.

Versatility at its Best

Whether it's coffee, tea, or any other brew, "The Bernoulli" has got you covered.

Convenience Reimagined

Experience unparalleled convenience: precision pouring with a removable handle, effortless ignition at a click, and a design that ensures easy (dishwasher) cleaning and swift assembly.

Discover the Bernoulli Collection

Bernoulli Collection

Discover a world of elegance, style, and coffee passion with our Bernoulli... 

What's the community asking?

How did the idea for The Bernoulli come about?

The idea for The Bernoulli was born out of a passion for coffee and a deep appreciation for Portuguese craftsmanship. We, the founders, are a group of Portuguese coffee aficionados who dreamt of elevating the perception of Portuguese-made products on the global stage. During a lunch at a traditional Portuguese restaurant established in 1936, which still brews coffee using the siphon method, we realized that this brewing method, once a common sight at our family dinners, had become quite rare. Surprisingly, our research revealed that less than 20% of surveyed Americans had ever seen a siphon brewer. We also found that most siphon brewers available in the market lacked in design, quality, and convenience. Inspired by our childhood memories and driven by a desire to showcase the quality of Portuguese craftsmanship, we decided to design our own siphon brewer, addressing the pain points identified in existing products. Thus, The Bernoulli was born—a tribute to our heritage, a nod to the principles of fluid dynamics, and a commitment to quality, innovation, and convenience

What makes The Bernoulli different from other siphon brewers?

The Bernoulli is not just a siphon brewer; it's a statement of style, quality, and sophistication. It combines the elegance of the past with the conveniences of the present, featuring a modern and decor-level design, exclusive materials, a variety of colors, and flexibility with two different sizes and an adjustable arm. Additionally, it offers an enhanced brewing experience with a removable handle for easy pouring and a self-ignitable burner. Lastly, it is designed for convenience with dishwasher-safe parts, a larger filter for easy removal of coffee grounds, and easy assembly and disassembly with a clamp and springless filter.

Why is it called The Bernoulli?

The Bernoulli is named after Daniel Bernoulli, a mathematician and physicist who made significant contributions to the field of fluid dynamics. The principles of fluid dynamics are the backbone of the siphon brewing method used by The Bernoulli. By naming our brewer after him, we pay tribute to his work and highlight the connection between science, history, and the art of brewing.

Can I brew beverages other than coffee with The Bernoulli?

Absolutely! The Bernoulli is designed to brew a variety of hot beverages with quality and style. While siphon brewers are traditionally designed for brewing coffee, The Bernoulli is also perfect to to brew tea, matcha, mud water, and other hot beverages of your choice.

How do I clean The Bernoulli?

Cleaning The Bernoulli is a breeze. Most parts of the brewer are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after use. Additionally, the larger diameter filter design makes it easier to remove coffee grounds or tea leaves.

WilI it be possible to purchase The Bernoulli as a gift?

Absolutely! The Bernoulli makes a perfect gift for coffee enthusiasts, tea lovers, and anyone who appreciates quality, style, and the art of brewing. It comes in premium, eco-friendly packaging with an unboxing experience that reflects the brand's elegance. Additionally, each purchase includes a small booklet detailing the history, brewing method, and care instructions, making it a thoughtful and memorable gift.

Are Pre-Orders Refundable?

Yes, Pre-Orders for The Bernoulli are fully refundable under specific circumstances. We are committed to transparency and ensuring your satisfaction throughout your journey with us.

Pre-orders are refundable in the following cases:

1. Timelines Not Met: If, for any unforeseen reason, we are unable to fulfill the timelines as established and announced, we will proactively notify you and offer a full refund. Your trust is essential to us, and we want to ensure your expectations are met.

2. Operational Issues Beyond Our Control: In the rare event that we encounter operational issues outside of our control that affect our ability to manufacture The Bernoulli, we will communicate this situation promptly. In such cases, we will provide a full refund to affected customers as a gesture of our commitment to your satisfaction.

Your confidence in The Bernoulli means the world to us, and we want your experience to be exceptional from start to finish. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding pre-orders or refunds, please feel free to reach out to us via info@thebernoulli.com. We're here to assist you every step of the way.