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The Bernoulli siphon brewer_

The Bernoulli siphon brewer_

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The Bernoulli

Elevate Your Brewing Ritual

Introducing "The Bernoulli" – where the elegance of yesteryears meets today's cutting-edge design and functionality. Inspired by the genius of Daniel Bernoulli and his groundbreaking work in fluid dynamics, this brewer is not just a tool but a statement of style, sophistication, and passion for brewing.

Key Features:

  • Retromod Design: A perfect blend of vintage aesthetics with modern touches, crafted to be a centerpiece in any setting.
  • Exclusive Materials: Built with handcrafted noble wood, food-safe stainless steel and hand-blow & medicine-grade glassware, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Choose from two sizes and adjust the arm to your preference. Whether it's coffee, tea, or any other brew, "The Bernoulli" has got you covered.
  • Convenience Reimagined:
    • Easy Pour: A removable handle designed for comfort and precision.
    • Self-Ignitable Burner: Say goodbye to manual lighting. Just a click and you're on your way to a perfect brew.
    • All-in-One Tool: A combined scoop and stirrer to simplify your brewing process.
    • Effortless Cleaning: Dishwasher safe components and a larger filter for easy removal of grounds
    • Quick Assembly: Thoughtfully designed for quick setup and disassembly with a clamp and springless filter.

Join the brewing revolution and experience a symphony of taste, style, and convenience with "The Bernoulli". Perfect for those intimate gatherings or moments of solitude when only the best brew will do.

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